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  1. Add existing photos to new measurements

  2. Can I add notes to my entry?

  3. Can I have the world time widget as my lock / home screen ?

  4. Can I save and share progress screens?

  5. Getting started

  6. How do I add a previous entry?

  7. How do I calculate BMI?

  8. How do I calculate body fat %?

  9. How do I calculate my waist-to-hip ratio?

  10. How do I compare my photos?

  11. How do I delete a measurement?

  12. How do I delete an entry?

  13. How do I edit an entry?

  14. How Do I List the Cities in Alphabetical Order?

  15. How do I make it work and see the times?

  16. How to add Photos

  17. How to Delete a Photo

  18. How to move/transfer measurements to a new iPhone

  19. How to Read Data from Health App / HealthKit

  20. How to set your height for BMI

  21. I added some measurements beyond the default few and the app is showing that my measurements started at "zero" so I am showing that I've gained 200+ inches on the first day

  22. I can't see any photos when I rotate right. Where are they?

  23. I cannot add photos to my results. When I try it comes up on my screen as error 11852 cannot use back camera.

  24. I want to measure X but it isn't on the list. Can I add it myself?

  25. I'm looking for UTC or GMT

  26. Measurement slider doesn't work in iOS 9

  27. My goal figures aren't being saved. What's up with that?

  28. Progress crashes when I try to add Photos

  29. Some of my photos are looking stretched - why is that

  30. Upload photos

  31. What are my backup options?

  32. What's a healthy BMI range?

  33. What's a healthy body fat range?

  34. What's a healthy waist-to-hip ratio?

  35. Where are my badges saved?

  36. Where are my notes saved?

  37. Where are the graphs?

  38. Who can see my photos, mesaurements and notes?

  39. Why are some clocks white while then others are black?

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